10 Mind Blowing Facts about Black Pepper

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Thinking about Black pepper, all we know is that it is a tropical spice that is sprinkled on watermelon or added in juices to light up the taste.

But Black pepper is much more than that ! In fact, Black pepper is extensively cultivated in Vietnam and Southern India due to it’s peculiar savor and use. Numerous spice manufacturers, spice exporters, spice traders and suppliers deal entirely in Black pepper – The most traded spice in the whole world!

We’ve gathered some interesting fact on Black pepper spice that you might find intriguing ! So let’s hop in !


Black Pepper was found stuffed in the nostrils of Ramesses II, placed during the mummification of the Pharaoh.

So black pepper is used since QUITE a long time !

facts about black pepper



Black pepper is a rich source of copper, manganese, iron, chromium and calcium !

Also, black pepper is full with Vitamin K and Calcium!


A digestive remedy and a fat-burning condiment, Black pepper avoids the formulation of gas and burns the fat cells of your stomach due to presence of ‘peppercorn ‘

A food or drug that arouses sexual instinct

black pepper


Black pepper loses its flavor and smell (aroma) when kept in open. This occurs due to evaporation. In order to keep the taste of Black pepper original, it is suggested to store it in airtight containers that can avoid causing evaporation and fading of its taste.


Till the early 1840s, black pepper was used as a figurative of ‘spirit’ or ‘energy’ due to a lot of myths associated to the spice.

black pepper facts

interesting facts on pepper


Saint Aldelhm wrote an interesting riddle defining black pepper during the seventh-century.


Vietnam is the largest producer of Black pepper and United States is the largest importer of Black pepper. Several spice manufacturers and spice suppliers in India trade only in black pepper due to high demand.

To know more, read the market analysis of black pepper.

black pepper market analysis report

exporters of black pepper in india


During the historic times, the Egyptians imported as much as 50-100 million worth of Black Pepper from India !


Historically and in the ancient medicinal texts, black pepper was known to cure several illnesses that included insomnia, toothache,


King of spices

FACT #10

Black pepper is often defined and known as the King of spices due to it’s huge preference over other traditional condiments and spices.

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