12 Surprising Facts about Cumin

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Hope the Quarantine is giving the spice suppliers and spice exporters a GALA TIME !We thought about adding some “spice” (cumin, specifically) to your lazy hours and turn them  productive with some facts on Cumin !Cumin originated from the Mediterranean and East India. It is a small seed gotten from the parsley family. The aroma of this seed is warm and the flavor distinct. We have combined several key facts about cumin which is an expression of all that you need to know about cumin.  Indian spice suppliers will benefit from the cool facts on cumin.


Cumin is grown in multiple locations because it is very easy to grow Cumin.

cumin seeds exporters


Cumin improves blood sugar control, reduces food borne illnesses, spices up the blood sugar levels and improves the digestion.


When higher doses of Cumin are taken in the form of supplements, it leads to weight loss in people. Numerous Spice suppliers are therefore in the business of selling “organic and healthy spices”.

dry ginger

FACT #4 (Quarantine Special)

Cumin reduces stress !

FACT #4 (Post-Quarantine Special)

Cumin improves memory !


The majority of the spice mixes and curry powder have cumin as their major component.



There are more than 100 different beneficial chemicals in cumin seed.


Cumin essential oil can moderate blood sugar levels in the body and can be used to effectively combat type 2 diabetes according to results of a study carried out in 2017

This is an effective strategy for marketing cumin as an Ayurvedic solution for diabetes. Indian spice suppliers should know such essentials.

Turmeric and Turmeric powder


If you care about sustaining a smooth texture of your skin,  Cumin can come to your aid. It also helps against premature aging, just like turmeric.


If you are serious about sustaining strong and healthy bones (especially those into sports-related activities); then you should spice your food with cumin. Cumin has strong calcium properties that help in preventing osteoporosis.


FACT #10

According to the Research conducted by University of Chicago Press, Cumin added as a spice in foods helps to improve health and longevity in people

If you’re a spice supplier or a spice exporter, know more about the market, demand, supply, origin and varieties of Cumin from here. 

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