Spice Exporters in advantage due to Corona Outbreak

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Spice exporters in India and all over the world are seeing a continuous surge in inquiries and demand for all types of spices and herbs.Corona Outbreak has brought some positive trends in the already booming industry of spices and herbs, making all the spice exporters and spice suppliers in India and abroad spring with happiness.According to the recent market update in spices and herbs, the global demand for spice oleoresin has seen a surge. Spice Oleoresin are basically a mixture of artificial and natural ingredients prepared to mix with food and give it a strong color. These Oleoresins are prepared from spices such as basil, coriander, turmeric, ginger, capsicum, chilli, black pepper, cumin etc.There has been a huge demand of ready to eat foods in the entire world. As a result, the demand of spices as ingredients for Oleoresin and powder has also been increased.
pepper oleoresin
Spice Exporters in India and globally are taking benefits of this opportunity as the demand seems incessant.

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Even though the restaurant industry, one of the largest buyers of spices, has been badly affected in the current transition. Spice traders and spice suppliers trading with the restaurant industry have found a strong need to pivot to the packaged food industry.  Check out the news about Oleoresin on Economic Times from here.

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