Cardamom Prices Drop to almost 25% – Farmers are under stress

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Green Cardamom Aroma is fading as the prices throttle downwards

There has lately been a strain in the entire world economy and India is among the most hit nations of the world. The entire spice business and all of the suppliers of spices in India are badly affected. Not to forget the throbbing heart of the Indian Economy, the agriculture sector is directly hit due to the prices hitting the rock bottom.

Indian green cardamom suppliers in south India, the farmers especially, are experiencing a huge deal of difficulty in getting the right prices for their produce. The fresh, aromatic Indian green cardamom is not getting the expected rates and farmers believe, the aroma of it is fading with each passing day.

As on 10th of July 2020, the rate of indian green cardamom was around 1600/- Rs. The traders of cardamom as well as the suppliers think that the prices would cut down further to as low as 1000/- Per Kg of small green cardamom.

It is a threatening situation for all the spice traders in India. The manufacturers of spices in south india were too optimistic for the prices and had stocked up a huge supply of Green Cardamom. With a painful cutdown in the rates and the ever reducing market value, the suppliers and manufacturers are worried.

Cardamom is considered to be avery labor intensive crop, which means it requires manual labor to be extracted from the farms. This adds up a lot to the expense of green cardamom and makes this spice more valuable.

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