Cost of cultivating green cardamom

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Cardamom : Origin & Demand

Indian green cardamom, sometimes also known as cardamum or ‘Elaichi’, is the third most expensive spices in the world. Cardamom is known for it’s uncommon flavor and is added into a variety of dishes to give a natural, exotic taste to the tongue

Green cardamom spice is a native of India and Indonesia. Cultivation of cardamom is mostly concentrated in the ever green forests of Western Ghats in South India. India is among the largest producer of green cardamom while China is the largest consumer of it. Cardamom occurs in tropical and subtropical regions with humid, temperate climatic conditions.

Cardamom occurs in several varieties, grades and colors. Different varieties of cardamom spice has different consumer markets.

‘Alleppey Green Extra Bold’ (AGEB) cardamom, ‘Alleppey Green Bold’ (AGB) cardamom and ‘Alleppey Green Superior’ (AGS) cardamom are varieties that are internationally recognized.

Green Bold and Green Extra bold cardamom are the common colors.

indian green cardamom

Cost of cultivating India green cardamom

The green cardamom spice is expensive due to the conditions of cultivation and harvesting. In order to harvest green cardamom, manual labor is required. It is to be harvested by hand instead of machinery (which increases the cost of production).

Standard Costing

The image in the right provides a detailed costing for cultivation and materials used in growing cardamom spice in India.

The term ‘ha’ stands for ‘hectre’.

1 ha = 2.47 Acres of Lands

Note : The data is provided by Indian Spice Board, a Government body that helps in promoting the market of spices. 

Visit the website from here.

cost of cultivating cardamom
Detailed Cost of cultivating Cardamom spice

When it comes to Indian cardamom spice, the minty, strong and exotic taste is savored by the entire world. Indian Green cardamom is expensive but highly valued due to the richness it adds to the dishes.

Green cardamom is used as a common ingredient in the Indian dishes. Even in the Nordic countries like Sweden, Finland and Norway, Indian green cardamom is used in baked dishes. In the Middle East, Cardamom spice is particularly added into sweet dishes to give savor. Cardamom is also a common ingredient added in tea.

Flora spices is an exporter, supplier and manufacturer of green cardamom in India. We export green cardamom spice (small and large) to countries including Vietnam, UAE, Bangladesh, Egypt and United States.

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