Direct effects of Covid19 on Spice and Food Market

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Despite the havoc caused in the global market due to the advent of the corona virus, there have also been some positive opportunities for all the spice traders in India and other countries.

dry ginger

The much discussed Corona Virus has caused a world wide disruption in the markets.

Demands for electronics, luxuries and clothing have been drastically reduced however, the food and spice industry are seemingly thriving.

According to the recent reports and news, Corona Virus has brought an opportunity to Indian spice manufacturers for supplying spices to the global market, filling the deficit made by China.

The global demand for spices, organic food, sweets etc has surged to almost 10-15% amidst the Corona-crisis.

The prime locations that are currently demanding for spices and herbs from India have been listed below :

  • USA
  • Europe 
  • Israel 
  • Egypt
  • Palestine 
  • Australia  
  • New Zealand

India spice manufacturers and spice exporters in India are getting inquiries related to fresh/dehydrated garlic, ginger, chilli, cumin, fennel, sesame and oil seeds from other countries.

The main reason for this increase in demand is the recent inability of China to supply the spices to the world. China had a special and paramount contribution in fulfilling the global demand of garlic that has now become docile.

Read about the Global Market of Ginger from here. 

However, there are certain challenges that are also prevailing in these tough times for the exporters and manufacturers of spices. The main challenges are the availability and costs of vessels and containers on the ports. Apart from them, the strict clearance procedures of certain countries and delayed payments are also major problems being faced by the Indian and global exporters of spices and herbs.

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