Export of spices to China slowed down after India-China border dispute

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Indian spices exporters noted that there has been a slack in import demands by China post the Galwan dispute

China is among the major importers of spices from the spices exporters in India. Numerous spices manufacturers in south india have made massive deals in exporting spices such as red chilli, oleoresins, cumin, cardamom etc to china. However, the recent dispute at the border seems to have transformed the healthy trade of spice between the Dragon and the Elephant.

Cumin suppliers in gujarat and indian spices exporters note that there has been around 10-20% cut down in the export of Cumin to china since the border issue. In the usual circumstance, when Cumin would hit the market by March, importers from China and Bangladesh would happily buy from the cumin suppliers despite the infrastructure issues at the ports in India.

Though chilli observed a satisfactory harvest in the major chilli producing states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, there was a lot of storage quest made by the producers of Chilli out of fearing Covid-19 outbreak in India. China however, has been buying chilli from the Indian spices exporters since the month of April.

All in all, there is less clarity as to how both the Governments would react pertaining to the trade of spices between the two countries. Exports have been definitely hit in the recent times due to Covid as well as due to the Galwan dispute. However, the Indian spices exporters and spices manufacturers in south india are hoping this situation to be temporary and to be resolved at the earliest.

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