Industries that demand Cumin and Cumin Seeds

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Industries that purchase Cumin and Cumin Seeds

Cumin is among the most widely use spice and among the top exported spices from India.

Numerous spice manufacturers, spice suppliers and cumin exporters have found industries that demand cumin in large, abundant quantities.

To find the industries for a particular spice in the market, one must first identify the chemical, medicinal and nutritional value of the given spice. On that basis, one can easily identify the range of industries that could be interested in purchasing the spice.

Cumin can be sold to industries and can be manufactured into high in-demand products such as repellents, anti bacterial, essential oils and many more. Here are details about the category of industries that can answer your emails if you are a cumin exporter or a manufacturer of cumin spice.

1. Ayurvedic and Cosmetics Industry

Among the multiple medicinal properties of cumin, the most noteworthy properties include Digestive, Astringent, Anti Inflammatory, Diuretic and Carminative properties.

cumin seeds exporters

Meaning, it makes cumin the best cure for problems like gas, skin bruises, stone bladder, allergies etc.

This can be of a great use for industries that produce Ayurvedic remedies for such physical problems.

Even the cosmetic industry that provide skin treatment for inflammation and wear and tear of the skin, can make use of Cumin or cumin seeds for manufacturing herbal products.

2. Industries dealing in Insect repellents

Cumin and anise can be used to in the form of essential vapor oils to repel different types of insects.

This characteristic or property of cumin seeds make this spice very desirable to be traded and exported across the world.

Insects such as Aphis gossypii, Tribolium confusllm and Ephestia kuehniella are easily repelled by using the vapor oil of Cumin.

These insects are mainly a threat to the agro industry – So the farmers often try finding solutions and mixes that help them repel insects and bugs from their farms.

As an example, the Aphis Gossypii is found to affect plants of watermelons, cucumbers, cantaloupes, squash and pumpkin. Also, the bug is prevalent and found in regions of It is common in North and South America, Central Asia, Africa, Australia, Brazil, East Indies, Mexico and Hawaii and in most of Europe.

So one can find industries that supply repellents in those regions and approach them with the sourcing of Cumin or relevant spices.

3. Manufacturers of Antimicrobials

Cumin manufacturers and cumin suppliers can also approach these units and provide them with the necessary supply.

Cumin and cumin seeds can be used in the form of essential oils to tackle against microbes like  Sarcina Iutea, Escherichia coli, Proteus vulgaris. Although these bacterias are gram-positive in nature (meaning they create no harm to the body), cumin can be of aid for other microbes too that may cause havoc to the human body. A thorough research about this may help manufacturers of spices get better ideas for identifying the right market.

4. For flavorings and spice mixes

Cumin is said to have peppery and strong savor that people love to have in their food.

This spice thus can be used as an ingredient in preparing multiple spice mixes and masalas. Cumin can also be directly packaged and sold in the local market as a daily spice. Markets across the world respect the flavor and taste of cumin.

Apart from the above mentioned properties and uses, Cumin is used in producing alcoholic beverage, used in homes for minor ailments and remedies, and is respected in Ayurveda as a potent substance.

There is a massive market of Cumin in the world and Indian spice manufacturers can easily take benefits of it. Know more about the demand-supply and market of cumin from the report below.

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