International Spice Franchise

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Indian Spice Board has recently shared the latest tender mentioning an  opportunity to establish an international spice franchise across Indian and abroad. The opportunity is open for agencies dealing in spices, including spice manufacturers, spice exporters, spice suppliers who’re willing to expand their business horizons.

Even though the tender date is as late as December 2016, the tender seems to be still open, perhaps due to lack of applications received for it.

The franchise is to be established under the name ‘Spice India’ – The signature stalls of which would be set up in India and across the world.

The opportunity seems to be striking due to the versatile business models available as per the interest of the investors.

This is how the tender reads :

M/s. FSTL, an enterprise of Spices Board invites prospective investors to take up
Franchises for ‘Spices India’ Signature stalls across India and Abroad. ‘Spices India’
Signature stall shall sell Spices and value added products under two different brand
names “Spices India” and “Flavourit” in a contemporary-traditional styled Indian
environment. Our product range consists of more than 30 spices and culinary herbs. Apart
from whole spices the store also has a line of lifestyle and personal care products such
as beauty creams, clearness oils, bathing bars, shower gels and shampoos all flavoured
with spices. Spice flavoured chocolates are added attractions.

M/s. FSTL intends to select suitable agencies for acting as Franchisees for the same.
Therefore, Expression of Interest (EOI) (As given in ANNEXURE-I) is invited from the
interested and technically qualified agencies for acting as Franchises for Spices India
Signature stalls across India and Abroad.

The tender is a good opportunity for spice traders in India. You can download the entire PDF specifying the contact, criteria and conditions from here.

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