Market Analysis 2020 : Cumin Seeds

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Origin of Cumin Seeds

Originated from Iran and Mediterranean, cumin are small dried seeds with grayish brown color possessing an aroma and a warm flavor. They are produced at a large scale in India and exported around the world in huge quantity by spice suppliers, spice traders and cumin suppliers.

cumin seeds exporters

Global Production Of Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are mostly found in countries like India, Syria, Iran and Turkey – They are the top producers of Cumin in the world. A majority of cumin suppliers and cumin exporters are found in these countries.

India produces as much as 70% of Cumin seeds in the whole world. The top spice suppliers for cumin seeds are found in India. These seeds could become a novel product for start-ups who wants to go global, because of its availability in India and demand, spice exporters have a great opportunity to capture the market by boosting exports of cumin seeds.

cumin seeds production

After India, the largest producer of cumin seeds is Syria followed by Iran and Turkey which is 12%, 8% and 6% respectively.

Despite the presence of global demand, the supply is comparatively less.

As the highest quality of cumin seeds are supplied by India due to the available resources, it gives Indian spice exporters, cumin seeds suppliers, and all the spice manufacturers a competitive edge over spice exporters of other producing countries.

Global Production of Cumin Seeds (in metric tonnes)
Country 2013 2014 2015
India 350000-370000 364000-403000 338000-357000
Turkey 7000-8000 8000-9000 4000-5000
Syria 20000-22000 26000-28000 25000-27000
Iran 10000-15000 10000-15000 10000-15000

Production of Cumin Seeds in India

Production of Cumin Seeds in India (in metric tonnes)
State 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Gujarat 300940 291490 384470 319862
Rajasthan 200850 206940 302930 286099
Total 503260 500360 689420 607972

The table shows the production of cumin seeds in Indian sub-continent.

cumin export production

In India, there are only two states which fulfill 70% of global market share i.e. Gujarat and Rajasthan. A majority of Cumin Exporters, Cumin Suppliers and cumin traders are found in these states.

Rajkot & Gondal are the top producers of Cumin Seeds in Gujarat

Global Import-Export of Cumin Seeds

 Cumin seeds are the 2691st most traded commodity around the world.

There is total of 486-million-dollar export of cumin seeds around the world. Following are the top supplier and exporters of cumin seeds :

Country Export Value
India $350 Million
Syria $62.8 Million
Turkey $21.5 Million
Iran $4.07 Million
Sri Lanka $3.92 Million

India, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Sri-Lanka are the top exporters of cumin seeds around the world. While they are the top exporters of cumin seeds, countries like Vietnam ($105 Million), United States of America ($44.3 Million), Bangladesh ($37.1 Million), Egypt ($24.3 Million) and United Arab Emirates ($23.4 Million) are the top importers of cumin seeds from different parts of the world.

The above statistics show that global demand of cumin seeds is exceeding day by day and supply for the same is highly required. This is an opportunity of life time for traders in cumin seeds to start the exporting and importing cumin seeds and becoming a spice exporter.

India Exports – Cumin Seeds

Indian spice suppliers have been leading in the game of exporting all range and varieties of cumin around the world. Here are the recent statistics that show the total export of cumin seeds done from India :

Export of Cumin from INDIA
Country 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
QTY (in M.T>) Value (in Lakh) QTY (in M.T.) Value (in Lakh) QTY (in M.T.) Value (in Lakh)
Vietnam 24688 37492 30917 51326 29697 56600
Bangladesh 4274 5427 10067 13981 18211 25453
U.S.A. 9776 17964 11548 21961 10771 21580
U.A.E. 5786 8551 8577 13399 10817 16846
Nepal 3006 4385 3788 5785 5966 9584

Cumin is a vital product for spice exporters as the world depends on India for the same. Along with these countries, countries like Pakistan, Brazil, U.K., Spain, Morocco purchase cumin from India on large scale. It also shows that there is constant demand of cumin seeds around the world and the world seeks India for fulfilling the same.

top importers of cardamom

Uses of Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds have an aromatic odor and bitter taste. It is also used as a condiment, it is also used as an ingredient in curry powder and various other dishes like cakes, bread and cheese. It is also used in native dishes of South and Central America. Cumin seed oil is also used in making perfumes and is a supportive ingredient in alcohol.

Also, like any cumin has certain health benefits. Following are the health benefits from cumin seeds.

  • Promotes Digestion
  • Is a rich source of Iron
  • Helps in Diabetes
  • Improves blood cholesterol
  • Promote Weight Loss and Fat Reduction
  • Fights with Inflammation.

Some Famous Cuisines Made from Cumin Seeds

Cumin is used as a flavouring ingredient in many exotic dishes cooked around the world. Following are the list of some famous dishes which uses cumin as an ingredient to add exotic taste and aroma.

    • Stem- Roasted Carrots with Cumin
    • All American Beef Chilli
    • Red Lentil Dal
    • Cauliflower with Cumin and Paprika
    • Egg Plant Dip (Baba Ghanouj)
    • Pumpkin Soup

Names in Popular Culture

  • Spain: Comino
  • France: Cumin
  • Germany: Romischer Kummel
  • Sweden: Spiskummin
  • Arabic: Kammun
  • Netherlands: Komijn
  • Italy: Comino
  • Portugal: Cominho
  • Russia: Kmin
  • China: Machin

Names in Indian Culture

  • Hindi: Jira, Jeera, Zira or Safaid jeera Or Zeera
  • Bengali: Safaid jira or Zeera
  • Gujarati: Jiru or Jeeru
  • Kannada: Jeeriege
  • Kashmiri: Zyur
  • Malayalam: Jeerakam
  • Marathi: Jeregire
  • Oriya: Jira, Jeera
  • Sindhi: Zero
  • Sanskrit: Jiraka, Jira


Cumin Seeds or Jeera is a crop which can be used as a monopoly by spice exporters, spice supplier and spice manufacturers  in India. They can scoop out the benefits by selling the product aggressively in the International Market. Also because of its medicinal value the demand of cumin seeds is increasing day by day and spice traders of India have done excellent job in exporting the product so far by making India as top exporter of cumin seeds. Cumin can be considered as an ideal product to start with for new businesses who want to indulge in overseas trading.

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