Spices Buyer Seller Meet

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Spices Board (Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India), the flagship organization for the worldwide promotion of Indian spices has been undertaking activities for promotion and facilitation of spice trade by building links at various levels of spice industry.

The Board has been organizing Buyer Seller Meets (BSM) in the major spice producing regions of the country, with a view to provide a common platform for the buyers and sellers of spice industry, to interact directly and establish effective business linkages.

A new meeting is being organised by the Spice Board on 13th of February, 2019 with the view to showcase the potential of the turmeric produced in Nizamabad and surrounding areas.

Over 100 sellers representing progressive farmers, farmer’s societies, processors and traders from Nizamabad and nearby areas of the State will be participating in the BSM.

spices board of india

Details of the Buyer-Seller Meeting

Venue : Hotel Nikhil Sai International, Nizamabad on 13th February 2020 at 10 AM.

Registration : Mandatory

Registration Process :

Interested exporters may be asked to confirm the willingness to participate in the BSM by mail to sbnzb2015@gmail.com, sbrowarangal@gmail.com, with  copy to dm.sb-ker@gov.in & nithin.joe@nic.in latest by 7th February 2020, with the following details :

Name & Full address of the Firm with contact no & email id

Spices Board Exporter Regn. No (CRES):

Name & designation of the representative(s) attending with contact no & email id

Requirement of Accommodation: YES/NO

 For outstation exporters, the Board is open to providing accommodation (one single/double room per firm), if required.

For details/ enquiries, kindly contact:

Dr. G Lingappa, Dy. Director, Spices Board, Regional office, Warangal 94403 60863

Mrs. Sapna Tomar, Asst. Director, Spices Board, Divisional office Nizamabad 8639584065

Mr. Kishan, SFO, Spices Board, Divisional office, Hyderabad 7085060052

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