Top 5 red chilli powder Importing Countries

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India’s one of the leading manufacturer of red chilli powder. Chilli powder, also known as “Chilly Powder” is prepared from dry red chilli available in abundant quantity and varieties in India.

Chilli powder suppliers, manufacturers and exporters keep looking for information related to exporting dry red chilli powder from India to other countries. We’ve prepared a list stating the “Top 5 Countries that import Dry red chilli powder” from the exporters of spices from India.

Top 5 Red chilli powder importing countries :

1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Importers in UAE always keep seeking chilli powder supplier due to a huge demand. According to the DGFT data bank, UAE alone imported 6,831.52 Thousand Metric Tonnes of red chilli powder from India.

Between the year 2019-2020, UAE has already imported a 4,782.01 Thousand Metric Tonnes of red chilli powder from India.

2. United States of America (USA)

USA is having a huge demand of whole dry red chilli as well as dry red chilli powder due to a large cultural diversification in the country. USA imported 5,693.99 Thousand Metric Tonnes of red chilli powder from India in the year of 2018-2019.

United States is constantly seeking for suppliers of red chilli powder from India due to a never ending demand of the product. The country imported red chilli powder of 4,210.83 Thousand Metric Tonnes in the year 2019-2020 from India.

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s culture involves consumption of food that is full of spices such as red chilli powder, turmeric powder, Cumin Powder and several more. Due to a rich culture and inclination towards “zayka”, Saudi Arabia has been among the top importers of red chilli in India.

Saudi Arabia imported a whopping of 3,722.79 Thousand Metric Tonnes of Dry Red Chilli Powder in the year 2018-19. In the year of 2019-20, it has imported chilli powder worth 2,248.66 Thousand Metric Tonnes, which is still a lot more compared to other importers.

4. United Kingdom (UK)

UK might turn out to be a little unusual in the list of “Top Red Chilli Powder Importing Countries” due to their sophisticated dishes and modest taste preferences. However, UK’s 6.6% of the population is occupied by British Indians and almost 14% of UK’s total population is foreign.

UK has thus been an active importer of red chilli powder and is constantly seeking exporters of spices from India. According to the DGFT data bank, UK imported 2,234.42 Thousand Metric Tonnes of red chilli powder from India in the year 2018-19.

5. Indonesia

Indonesian market holds numerous importers seeking suppliers and manufacturers of red chilli powder in India. Indonesia alone, a population of roughly 26.4 crores (2017) imported 1,238 Thousand Metric Tonnes red chilli powder from India in the year 2018-19.

The demand for red chilli powder has been increasing since then in Indonesia. According to the recent statistics, Indonesia has already imported red chilli powder worth 1,153.47 Thousand Metric Tonnes. It is thus a huge market to capture.




Dry Red chilli powder suppliers in India need not to worry about the demand of these spices in the international market. Spices is an important and inseparable part of a majority of main course dishes in the world, which would keep the exporters of spices and herbs always on toes for the supply.

India fortunately holds a gift when it comes to supplying all varieties and grades of dry red chilli powder. The taste, flavor and the savor of an India-grown dry red chilli manufactured in the form of powder is matchless.

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