10 Cool Facts about Turmeric

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It’s time to give your taste buds a bit of bitter pungent taste. Here, we present some amazing facts about “The Healer” of spice family, Turmeric!! We’ve prepared some interesting facts on turmeric for all spice manufacturers, spice traders and exporters around the world.


India is largest producer and exporter of turmeric, producing 80 to 90% of world’s turmeric !Turmeric could be considered as a golden spice for certified spice exporters of India and for start-ups in spice import & export business.

suppliers of turmeric


According to legend turmeric production backs to 3000 BCE, its cultivation was done by the people of Harrapan civilisation of India. It is said that it was also produced in Assyria which is modern Syria of today in 600 BCE. Turmeric is indeed a spice used for many years because of its large list of benefits.


Turmeric is known as golden spice of nation because of its bright yellow colour.

Alleppey turmeric


Turmeric is used to add colour to various dishes prepared around the world. Mustard which is of yellow colour has turmeric added in it. It is also used as dye because of its bright yellow colour.


Maharashtra’s Sangli region hosts largest trading centre of turmeric for Asia. So, this trade centre is the largest opportunity for spice manufacturers and certified Indian spice exporters to grow their business.

sangli region, maharashtra

cobra snake


Turmeric is used as an antivenin against poisonous sting of King Cobra or Queen bee. Turmeric powder acts as a natural healer against skin burns or any other problems related to skin like pimples.


Tamil Nadu has a city known as Erode which is among the largest turmeric producers in the world. Because of this, the city also goes by the names ‘Turmeric City’ or ‘Yellow City’.

spices and herbs

Turmeric and Turmeric powder


Turmeric helps in reducing pain of arthritis, controls cholesterol levels and boosts cognitive ability of a person. It also aids in digestion and gives our body a lever support. It is considered as good source of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium.


People think that turmeric has just one variety which is a wrong notion. In India, there are several varieties of turmeric. Some of the most popular ones are Nizamabad Bulb, Sangli Turmeric, Rajapore Turmeric, Erode and Salem Turmeric and Alleppey Finger.

Know more about Turmeric varieties and demand-supply quota from here

Rajapuri Turmeric

FACT #10

Turmeric has been referred to as Indian Saffron by people who lived during the Middle Ages. That’s because it is as good as saffron and is way cheaper.

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